It’s difficult to imagine what it must be like to inhabit [Quentin] Tarantino’s mind, crammed as it is with thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of filmed images—eyes narrowing, hands fumbling, guns firing, bodies falling, car chases, chases on foot, empty streets, façades of houses, trees blowing, open doorways, taps running, unmade beds, storms through windows, and everything else you could possibly imagine seeing in a movie. One of the reasons that Tarantino is as good a filmmaker as he is is that he is an audience member first and a director second.Larissa MacFarguhar, “The Movie Lover” (via orsomethinglikethatreally)
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who r all these youtubers tbh i feel so old i only go on youtube to watch babies eating lemons for the first time

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Respire (2014) dir.Mélanie Laurent
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You know you’re always gonna change and you’re gonna change your hair or write a different kind of tune or get a different kind of jacket but it doesn’t mean you’re not the same lad y’know what I mean inside or whatever y’know, cos I think change is healthy man to grow and to, to try new things innitMiles Kane (on Alex Turner, interview with NME at Finsbury Park)
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a message to crying babies:


get over it we all have problems

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camille rowe photographed by guy aroch in so it goes magazine
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